Sanctus Victoria - Frankovka, 2015 (Blaufränkisch)

red wine Dry, Late harvest

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The colour of the wine is purple to sour cherry, its striking aroma resembles overripe cherries, red currant and dark chocolate. The taste is markedly fruity, slightly spicy, with incorporated tannins. The wine goes nicely with grilled turkey steaks and fresh hard cheeses.


The wine was produced using eco-friendly wine-making methods. Fermentation took place in a sealed fermentation container at a temperature of 27°C (80.6 °F); the alcohol fermentation was followed by malolactic fermentation, pressing and aging in a stainless container.


line Sanctus Victoria
edition 700th anniversary of Charles IV.
variety Blaufränkisch
year 2015
grade late harvest
colour red wine
serving temperatuire 14 - 15 °C
volume 0.75l
residual sugar content 0.1 g/l
acid content 5.2 g/l
alcohol content 12.5 %
date of harvest 29/10/2015

sugar content of grapes at the time of harvest

22 °NM

Number of bottles





Bottle volume: 0.75 l.
Contains allergens: sulphur dioxide.


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