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For business

For business

Giving a bottle of wine as a present is a special way to express your appreciation to business partners, clients or employees. Moreover, such gift has yet another substantial advantage.

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Under the amended law on income tax, wine up to 500 CZK can be purchased as a promotional item and included in corporate expenses. Since 1st January 2006 it is also possible to deduct VAT for such purchase if following requirements are met:

  • it must be a still wine
  • price of one item without VAT must not exceed 500 CZK
  • wine must be branded with company logo

Therefore our company to its customers on demand takes corporate roll with the logo, which then they placed on the bottle in order to all legal requirements.
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It is illegal to supply alcohol to someone under the age of 18, if you are younger than 18 your order cannot be processed.