Sanctus Victoria - Chardonnay, 2016

white wine Dry, Late harvest

239 CZK (incl VAT 21%)
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The wine demonstrates its golden colour typical for the variety.

The aroma resembles overripe apricots and turns into spicy tones.

The taste is full, with a hint of vanilla and hazelnut cream.

We recommend to serve the wine with fruit salads and chicken specialties. 


Salon vín 2019 Silver medal
Zlatý pohár Česko Slovenska Silver medal


The wine was produced using eco-friendly wine-making methods. Pressing was performed after 6-hour cold maceration on skins; filtered must was inoculated with a pure wine yeast culture and fermented at a temperature of 18 °C (64.4 °F). After alcohol fermentation, the wine lay on the lees "sur lie".


Price is for 1 bottle of wine, carton contains 6 pcs.


Year: 2016
Wine region:  Moravia
Subregion:  Mikulov
Location:  Mikulov
Vineyard: Za cihelnou
Vineyard site:  Gentle south-western slope
Soil: Sand-clay with calcareous subsoil
Vineyard age: 13 years
Sugar content at harvest:  21.2 °NM
Harvest date:  10 October 2016
Residual sugar content:  1.4 g/l   
Acid content:  4.7 g/l
Quality ref. No.:  90E1-18/19
Batch No.:  41/16S
Alc./Vol.:  13.5%
Number of bottles produced:  5,650 








Bottle volume: 0.75 l.
Contains allergens: sulphur dioxide.



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