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Promo Sekt Saint Croix Classique rosé 5+1

Promo Sekt Saint Croix Classique rosé 5+1

  • Bar Code: 8595618605669

package of 6 bottles of sparkling wine produced by the classic method, ie the sparkling wines are fermented directly in the bottle. In the package you will find 6 x sekt demi In this special offer, we offer the 6th piece completely free of charge when purchasing this set. The special price per piece will then be reduced from CZK 139 to CZK 116. Saint Croix Sekt Rosé: Sparkling wine prepared by pressing whole grapes of the Pinot Noir variety is characterized by an apricot color with a shade of partridge eye. The aroma is dominated by strawberries with whipped cream and caramel sauce. The playful sweetness with the expression of raspberry jelly at the end captures the taste. We recommend sparkling wine for festive occasions, for the beginning of the festive menu and for starters.

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