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Templar cellar Tour

Come and explore the historic cellars in which wine was produced and stored by Templars in the 13th century.

Traditional grape growing and wine production is for us a matter of honor, respect, enthusiasm but also pride of accomplishment.

Templářské sklepy Čejkovice

Continuing tradition of experience, inherited from generation to generation ever since the dark Middle Ages.

The history of our company is closely connected with the arrival of the mysterious Knights Templar in Cejkovice in the 1230s. First written record of their activity is dated 1248. Together with a Templar stronghold, vast wine cellars were built, the likes of which were not seen in our land before. Simultaneously, a new era of wine growing in Cejkovice area begins. Quite a few eminent houses and orders have come across the Cejkovice Manor – the lords of Lipa, the house of Vickovec, the Jesuits and the house of Habsburg.


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