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Templářské sklepy Čejkovice, cooperative winery has earned a Certificate of accreditation to perform analysis of wines for the purpose of rating and grading. This is essential for wine growers looking to have their wines registered with the SZPI.

Opening hours

Mon - Fri:  6:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m..



address: Templářské sklepy vinařské družstvo, Na Bařině 945, 695 15 Čejkovice – the laboratory is located opposite the company's shop
e-mail: laborator@templarske-sklepy.cz
tel.: 518 309 023

We send the results of the analyzes to customers by e-mail and payment on invoice is possible upon agreement.


Price list 2022

Price list is valid from 1.1.2022

Laboratory operationPrice incl. VAT
General analysis for SZPI990 CZK
Harvest package (alcohol, sugar, acids) sample size 500 ml395 CZK
Analysis for regional wine (alcohol, sugar, acids, free and total SO2) sample size 700 ml595 CZK
Acid package (tartaric, lactic, malic)195 CZK
Actual alcohol content130 CZK
Titratable acids120 CZK
Volatile acid content130 CZK
Relative density55 CZK
Sulfur dioxide free60 CZK
Sulfur dioxide entire70 CZK
Sugar (glukosa + fruktosa, sacharosa)215 CZK
Sugar (reducing substances)145 CZK
The content of sugar-free extract480 CZK
Tartaric acid content120 CZK
Malic acid content120 CZK
Citric acid content120 CZK
Lactic acid content120 CZK
Protein control - stability110 CZK
pH65 CZK

What it looks like here

Accreditation certificate