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Rhine Riesling, 2019, Sanctus Victoria

Rhine Riesling, 2019, Sanctus Victoria

  • Bar Code: 8595618605287

The wine with a good viscosity of yellow-green to amber color attracts with its strong aroma, which is dominated by peach, summer apricot and ripe grapefruit. The taste is very juicy, layered, supported by clear minerality and a long finish. The end of the taste is the oncoming tones of honey with crunchy acid. Fat appetizers, Wiener schnitzel with potato salad, hard, ripened cheeses and Parma ham with white bread are ideal with the wine.

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Received Awards
  • 2022Stříbrná medaile, Grand Prix Vinex
  • 2021Stříbrná medaile, Lednické vinné trhy
  • 2021Stříbrná medaile, Festwine
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