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Sanctus Victoria

Templar Wine Cellars Čejkovice introduce the exclusive wine collection Sanctus Victoria. The wines of this collection are produced from grapes of the highest quality which have been carefully selected by experienced local enologists from various vineyards of the wine cooperative. All the wines belong to the attribute parity of the given year. For this reason, the collection offers the best of Templar cellars.

New bottle made with company logo has been developed for the Sanctus Victoria collection. Thanks to its shape the bottle is ideal for long-term storage. Great conditions for storage are also guaranteed by a wholecork bottle stopper of premium quality.

The design of the bottle was inspired by the history of the Templar Order – the labels quote the original regulations that ruled everyday life of the Templars. Thanks to them, wine lovers can get to know not only the exquisite wines of this collection, but also interesting historical facts.

After breaking the two original seals on the label, one can find further information about the exact location of the vineyard and soil composition where the selected grapes ripened and about the technology of wine production. Each bottle in this limited edition also has a unique serial number and the current number of remaining bottles.

The 700th Anniversary of Charles IV Edition

In 2016, we commemorated the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV, the Holy Roman emperor, German King and King of Bohemia, Lombardy and Burgundy. Under his reign wine making in Bohemia started flourishing and it was Charles IV who had vine from Burgundy and Rhineland brought to our lands. By introducing the special “Charles IV” edition we would like to commemorate his legacy and to pay tribute to him. The paper labels quote the rulings of the Emperor Charles IV governing vine growing in the Czech lands. Wine lovers can thus not only get to know the delicious wines of this collection but also learn some interesting historical facts.